As we look ahead to 2023, CISOs and security teams face a huge range of competing vulnerabilities and priorities for their organisation, as well as economic uncertainty, reduced budgets, and a noisy cyber industry claiming silver bullet products that solve all of your business problems. In our weekly #SICyberSeries, the Secure Impact team will be sharing their insights into the threats, trends, and predictions for the year ahead, to cut through the noise and provide you with top tips and strategies to improve your cyber maturity and overall security posture.

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#1 - Top threats & trends every security team should consider in 2023


To kick-start our #SICyberSeries, James Lyne outlines the top 7 threats and trends security teams should be considering as we look to the year ahead. We'll be discussing each of these trends in more detail each week. 

  1. Security teams facing economic uncertainty and predicted budget cuts
  2. New technologies disrupting the industry bringing both promise and new security threats
  3. Ransomware and phishing remain a constant challenge
  4. Increasingly complex and interlinked supply chain
  5. The changing role of the CISO
  6. Remote working and securing cloud services & infrastructure
  7. Challenges around the adoption and implementation of DevSecOps
#2 - In the face of economic uncertainty and predicted budget cuts, how can you maintain a robust security posture?


Almost every security team will be feeling the effects of the current economic climate, and in this video James Lyne and Giorgia Cacace share their advice for teams facing budget cuts and being tasked with doing more with less. There are several steps you can take, including: 

  1. Prioritising the basics of cyber hygiene to increase cyber resilience. 
  2. Tailoring your security strategy around what matters to you - the top 3 to 5 threats based on your unique risk profile.
  3. Building a strong security culture in your organisation, including education, awareness and reporting processes. 
  4. Evaluating vendors and considering the value of an external sounding board. 
#3 - Challenges around the adoption and implementation of DevSecOps

For the third in our weekly #SICyberSeries, James Lyne and Giorgia Cacace discuss a hot topic for 2023, which is the challenges security teams face in adopting and implementing DevSecOps successfully in their organisation. In this video we discuss: 

  • The overall goal of DevSecOps.
  • Myth-busting: Does DevSecOps slow down development?
  • The biggest challenge around implementation.
  • How can we help?
How can we help you?

Setting a new industry standard

  • We are disrupting the industry with business-oriented cyber security services. CISOs and security teams have real challenges which likely won’t be solved with ‘silver bullet’ products, automated scans, or generic reports.
  • We will partner with you to offer engagements that are business-oriented, bespoke to your risk profile, and geared to creating actionable learning outcomes that empower your team.
  • Our reports are tailored, accessible and will provide you with the insight and roadmap to make both immediate and longer term changes to improve your security maturity.
  • Our GIAC certified team are the best of the best in the industry and have worked with defence, intelligence, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies on some of the world’s highest profile cases. 

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